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Family business which was founded in June 2020. My family's long experience in the wild rose sweet, other spoon sweets, as well as the pleasure that our involvement offers us in its entire range of operation were the reasons for this decision. So even though I studied mechanical engineering at the University of Patras, my love for the primary sector, combined with this unique and special in processing and taste sweet of wild rose, which is prepared-packaged immediately after its morning harvest, and which my family, according to the special local method, used to prepare for home, relatives and friends, made me deal professionally with its production.


The brand name includes two words, the words "garden" and "eden" letting us think of Garden of Eden. It was chosen as an idea to give importance to nature and therefore to our natural and pure products.


Our field of wild roses is located next to the river Meganitis in the village of Dimitropoulo, 3 km west of the city of Aigio, an area of ​​special beauty. The unique crystal clear beaches, the beautiful gorge of Vouraikos by Odontotos train (jagged), and the snowy mountains in the winter months, compose a beautiful green area, in which citrus, raisins, olive oil, etc. are cultivated and exported.


We have already started, with the same unique recipes, to prepare other sweets and jams as well, like bergamot and wild sour cherry, having always as our priority the consistent quality of each product and its traditional character, using pure ingredients without preservatives, artificial colours or flavorings.

With respect to our partners and the consumers !

George Koutsoupagas

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