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Our sweets are available in jars of 310gr., in larger ones like 2500gr. and 5400gr. for restaurants, patisseries, etc., as well as in smaller ones, of 50 or 75gr., for selected hotels, also for weddings.

They are handmade and pure in a relatively small production !



A unique local desert/delicacy with an outstanding aroma and delicious taste. It is made from roses of our own cultivation according to the traditional recipe, making it special. The product has NO preservatives and NO artificial colours and flavourings. It can be used as a topping for ice cream or yogurt as well as in combination with savory snacks.
With our new production on May we will have wild rose syrup too !

wild rose certificate.jpg

Exceptional sweet made from sour cherries grown on the outskirts of the Panachaiko mountain range. With NO preservatives, NO artificial colours and flavourings, it is prepared according to the traditional recipe keeping its special characteristics intact. It is a wonderful topping for ice creams, yogurt etc, while product of this wonderful dessert is the well-known homemade sour cherry juice.
With our new production on summer we will have wild sour cherry syrup too !

sour cherry certificate.jpg

Aromatic dessert made from bergamots grown in the orchards of our village and the surrounding area, with NO preservatives, NO artificial colours  and flavourings. For its preparation we follow old homemade traditional recipes. Delicious dessert after a nice meal, as well as a wonderful accompaniment with your coffee etc.

bergamot certificate.jpg

to be continued......

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